The 2017 Palm-Bashing Barometer in the EU

Report in detail

Our report identifies the products by country and by company which benefit the most from a move away from palm oils to palm substitutes. The report includes analysis of premium pricing and consumers’ perception of palm oils, and its impact on food products and brands.

The main report is divided into five sections:

  • Chapter 1 The Palm-Free Landscape in the EU: volumes, brands and growth segments
  • Chapter 2 Health Motivations to Substitute Palm Oils in Europe
  • Chapter 3 Costs, Prices and Margins – From Technical Solution to Economic Reality
  • Chapter 4 Sentiment Analysis: Consumer’ Perception & Commercial Risks
  • Chapter 5 Strategic Conclusions & Recommendations


You will receive:

  • • Main Report
    50+ pages including over 30 tables and diagrams
  • • Executive Summary
    Key findings, business opportunities and pitfalls
  • • PowerPoint Presentation
    Key findings perfect to animate internal meetings
  • • Data in Excel
    Benchmark profile of palm-free end-users