Oils & Fats in Quick Service Restaurants 

Report in detail

Our report provides the following:

  • Market Outlook  – Consumption in 50+ key countries by oil type and by companies; the effect of Food Policy on Supply Chains Organization; Stakeholders’ Alliances
  • Key Drivers – Palm oil & Sustainability Concern, Nutrition & Health Targets (trans-fat policy, saturated fats reduction); High Oleic Oils Consumption and Prices Constraints
  • Forecasts to 2025 – Outlets growth; Oils Demand in all the major markets; New Oil Blends to come, Strategic Investments

The main report is divided into four sections:

  • Chapter 1 Oils & Fats Demand – The Competitive Landscape
  • Chapter 2 The Impact of Policy and Prices upon Oil Blends
  • Chapter 3 Projected Demand in the QSR sector to 2025
  • Chapter 4 Strategic Conclusions and Recommendations


You will receive a Main Report (200+ pages, including over 150 tables and diagrams) and an Executive Summary