Sourcing High Oleic Oils in 2022

Report in detail

Our report reviews the past growth in planted areas (2012-2021), along with the yield and output for each major HO source, as a basis for the future supply (2022f). The production is presented globally, by region and by country, for each major HO oilseed.

As part of this process, we:

  • Evaluate the supply response of HO oilseeds to premium prices over the recent years
  • Examine the expansion of supply, and whether this has been achieved by developing new acreage, by shortening rotations, or by extending cannibalization with conventional varieties
  • Assess the growth in the oil yield’s contribution to expanding HO oilseeds & oils production
  • Analyze whether HO sunflower can expand the production area further in the EU in 2022, the prospects for HO sunflower in Ukraine in 2022, and its impact
  • Extend our HO sourcing analysis to provide a comprehensive assessment of the impact and future role of HO palm programs on the sector


The report format is a quick-read presentation (in pdf) with a maximum content of 50 slides