Country Report (ES)

Our country reports answer questions such as:
• What is the market size of HO oils?
• What is the panorama of international and local producers from field to oil?
• What are the key drivers and constraints in producing HO oilseeds & oils?
• What are the sales prospects?

Countries Available:
• Argentina (July 2016)
• Canada (April 2016)
• China (July 2016)
• Iberia (June 2016)
• India (June 2016)
• Russia (May 2016)
• Ukraine (May 2016)
• US (April 2016)

High Oleic Oilseeds and Oils Country Report by FAT & Associés includes:

HO Oilseeds Production – analyzing the acreage of major HO sources (NuSun & HO sunflower, HOLL canola & HOLL rapeseed, HO safflower, HOLL & LL soybean) – 5 past years.

HO Oils Consumption – quantifying the demand by segment: Bottled Oils, Biscuits & Bakery, Savoury Snacks, Industrial Frying, Food service, Spreads & Margarines, Mayonnaises & Dressing, Confectionery, Soup & Noodles, Ready Meals, Dairies, Baby Food and Health Supplements – 5 past years.

Competitive Landscape – Identifying and positioning the major HO oils producers from field to oil (company description and market shares).

Trends Analysis– analyzing groundswells such as the impact of trans fats, vegetable oil labeling, palm substitution, GM rejection…

Prospects- forecasting market growth, both production and consumption, 5-years forecast.


You will receive 2 hard copies of your country report.