Dear Colleagues,

You certainly noted that sustainability is an increasing trend in the oils & fats market worldwide. Of course, we talk a lot about sustainable palm oil in the EU which is largely adopting a certified supply chain. But sustainability is not limited to the palm or soybean sourcing, and this trend is expanding outside of European borders. A strong social, environmental and health and nutrition awareness is rising in consumers’ minds all around the world. Consequently, new sourcing, technologies, supply chain, certification system, labeling and claims are spreading rapidly, hence creating new business models.

Surprisingly, international congresses are granting at best one session about sustainability. We, at FAT & Associés, have decided to organize an international event in order to gather all industrial and institutional actors, and also decision’ markers, around the last disruptive actions surrounding sustainability. The 4th Sustainable Oils & Fats International Congress (SOFIC2023) will take place on the 30th and 31st of March 2023 in Lisbon, Portugal.

You are engaged in the sustainability trend, or you would like to understand how far this phenomenon is expanding: join us and share your experience within the community!

F&A Congress team


  • SOFIC2023-PerryAULIE.png

    Perry AULIE

    Perry AULIE is the Senior Vice President of Value Added at Perdue Farms. Perdue Farms is a fourth-generation, family-owned, U.S. food and agribusiness company and the PERDUE® brand is the number-one brand of fresh chicken in the U.S.A. In this role, Perry is constructing a billion-dollar value added business, producing products for the food, feed, and oleochemical markets. He is a respected industry veteran, passionate about the coexisting challenges of climate and food production.

  • SOFIC2023-CorradaCASTELLO-1.png


    Corrado PATERNO CASTELLO is founder and coordinator of Boniviri, a Sicilian benefit company, that markets high-quality food products by pursuing three key goals: protecting valuable farms, mitigating climate change, and developing eco-friendly products. He has been included in the 50 Next, the prestigious list of the 50 under 35 who are changing the global future of gastronomy. Corrado worked at EY, Deloitte and L’Oréal as a Sustainability Project Manager. Graduated from Universita Bocconi, he obtained his M.Sc. Sustainability and Social Innovation from HEC Paris.

  • SOFIC2023-AndreCUNZE.png

    André CUNZE

    André CUNZE is co-founder of Grafite, an InVivo unit specializing in the marketing of low-carbon agricultural raw materials, and providing solutions to farmers and cooperatives, as well as industrial customers. Our mission is to improve farmers' incomes and make agriculture a solution fighting the Climate change. André has eight years of experience in the oilseed market as a trader in Western Europe. Graduated from AgroParisTech, he founded two companies before joining InVivo.


    Frédéric DESTAILLATS

    Frédéric DESTAILLATS is Vice President Strategic Development at Checkerspot Inc. He is in charge of developing microalgae-based fats and oils. Frédéric supervises mid to long-term projects and builds the relationships with academic partners and companies. Frédéric has more than 20 years’ experience in lipid research, R&D and Innovation management within the Nestlé group. Graduated from Université Laval (Québec, Canada), he obtained his PhD for his work on the role of trans fatty acids in human nutrition.

  • SOFIC2023-JeanLucDUBOIS-1.png

    Jean Luc DUBOIS

    Jean Luc DUBOIS is Scientific Director at Arkema. He is in charge of Corporate R&D linked with Catalysis, Processes, Renewables and Recycling. Jean Luc supervises the long-term projects in this area, and builds the relationships with academic partners and companies for collaborative research. He is the author of more than 130 publications and 180 patent applications. Graduated from the Hautes Etudes Industrielles (HEI), he obtained his PhD from the Institut Français du Pétrole (French Institute of Petroleum) for his work on Catalysts for Oxidative Coupling of Methane.

  • SOFIC2023-AnaFERNANDO.png


    Ana Luisa FERNANDO is Associate Professor at NOVA School of Science and Technology, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal and researcher at MEtRiCS, Mechanical Engineering and Resource Sustainability Center. She has been working with energy crops for more than 25 years, with special interest on sustainability of energy crops production. She has also been working in the field of Food Technology and Safety, by testing natural compounds extracted from plants into biopolymers for food packaging or as additives for food preservation.

  • SOFIC2023-FelipeGUERRERO.png

    Felipe GUERRERO

    Felipe GUERRERO is Executive Vice-president of Daabon since 2021 and formely Corporate Sustainability Director. He has a degree in Environmental Engineering from Universidad El Bosque in Bogota, Colombia. Felipe also has a Master's degree in Environmental Engineering and Water Resources from Florida International University FIU and an Executive MBA at the University of the Andes in Bogota, Colombia. One of his most regarded achievements was implementing a methane recapture project and kick starting the circularity between agriculture and industry.

  • SOFIC2023-JeroenHUGENHOLTZ-1.png


    Jeroen HUGENHOLTZ is co-founder and CTO of NoPalm Ingredients. Jeroen has over 40 years of experience in fermentation R&D in both academia (Groningen, Wageningen, Amsterdam and Georgia Universities) and industry (Dutch dairy industry, Coca-Cola, Corbion). He has more than 200 publications in double-refereed journals and 20 patents on his name. Besides leading NoPalm Ingredients, Jeroen also holds a part-time professor chair in Industrial Molecular Microbiology at the University of Amsterdam.

  • SOFIC2023-NitinJAIN-1.png

    Nitin JAIN

    Nitin JAIN is co-founder and General Manager of GreenToken by SAP. Nitin has extensive experience in commodity trading and has held senior positions in commodity trading software companies across India, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and Canada. In his current role he is responsible for setting vision and strategy for GreenToken, which is a software tool to bring multi-tier transparency in supply chains using Blockchain.

  • SOFIC2023-AudreyJEANBAPTISTE-2.png


    Audrey JEAN BAPTISTE is working for Bureau Veritas Agricultural Global Service Line as an Agriculture Global Key Account Manager. She brings years of experience acting as an agricultural commodity trader for Louis Dreyfus Company, supporting sustainability projects around traceability and regenerative agriculture, together with the respect of human rights. Audrey then has a very good understanding of the upstream including challenges of implementing solution embracing the whole supply chain.

  • SOFIC2023-YannKERVOERN.png


    Yann KERVOERN is a Senior Commercial Leader who specializes in developing and delivering exciting & effective global expansion strategies for ambitious and energized businesses. Yann has a true global and multi-cultural outlook with 12 years based in Asia (Singapore), 10 years in the U.S. (New York, Chicago) and 10 years in Europe (Paris, London, Barcelona, Amsterdam). He is known for a strong strategic vision, leadership skills & as a true game changer.

  • SOFIC2023-AndersLOREN.png

    Anders LOREN

    Anders LOREN is PhD in chemistry from Chalmers University of Technology with focus on Laser spectroscopy. Anders worked as a marine chemist doing expeditions to the Antarctica and the Pacific, and in the pharmaceutical industry on formulation and on solid state chemistry. He spent 15 years at RISE-Research Institutes of Sweden performing contract research and chemical problem solving for industry. Anders is now the co-founder and CTO of Green-ON, a company producing ultra-sustainable tropical fats from CO2.

  • SOFIC2023-JoanaMARTO.png

    Joana M. MARTO

    Joana MARQUES MARTO is currently an Assistant Professor at Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Lisbon. Since the beginning of her career, Joana Marto’s main research interests have been the development and characterization of drug delivery systems for topical application. Further, she always focused on transposing the fundamental research to the applied (market).

  • SOFIC2023-StephenRAMSDEN.png

    Stephen RAMSDEN

    Steven RAMSDEN is an independent Agricultural Economist and formerly an Associate Professor at the University of Nottingham. His research interests include: agri-environmental systems’ modelling, mitigation of environmental damage from agriculture, adaptation to environmental and policy change, integration of agricultural science and economics, resilience in agricultural systems. He was Director of the University of Nottingham Farm from 2005 to 2017 and is currently Chair of the UK Agricultural Economics Society.

  • SOFIC2023-FabriceTURON.png

    Fabrice TURON

    Fabrice TURON has over 25 years’ experience in the oils & fats. He began his career with Danone group in the formulation department. Later at Bertin, Fabrice managed the lipid products portfolio development. As oil trait lead for Syngenta Seeds Company, he investigated various quality oil projects and he assembled a strategic output trait portfolio for oilseeds. Since 2010, Fabrice is leading the Research activities at FAT & Associés, a specialized consultancy for the lipids, oils and fats industry.

  • SOFIC2023-DimitriZOGG-1.png

    Dimitri ZOGG

    Dimitri ZOGG is co-founder and Chief Technical Officer of Cultivated Biosciences. He has a background in Engineering with a Master’s from EPFL. Dimitri gathered various international experiences, doing research at Imperial College London in processing engineering and in several startups in Switzerland, Paris and London. He is now developing a creamy fat using yeast solution at Cultivated Biosciences.

Attending Companies

• Molenbergnatie

• GreenToken by SAP • Sunrise Food International

• Alianza Team • Daabon

• Arkema • Bureau Veritas • FAT & Associés • Stéarinerie Dubois • Tallage • InVivo Group

• B+B Engineering GmbH • Cargill

• Boniviri • Grupo Ferrero

• AAK • Bunge Loders Croklaan B.V. • Cargill B.V. • Danone Nutricia • Intersnack Procurement • The Kraft Heinz Co. • Marvesa Oils and Fats B.V. • NoPalm Ingredients • Wageningen University & Research

• Bioagra-Oil S.A. • BZK Sp. z o.o. i Wspólnicy Sp. K. • Komagra Sp. z.o.o.

• Galp Energia S.A. • University of Lisbon

• Feed & Seed

• Bio-Oils Huelva S.L.U. • Cubiq Foods

• AAK AB • Green-On AB

• Barry Callebaut • Corteva Agriscience • Cultivated Biosciences • Florin AG

United Kingdom
• FOSFA International • Mondelez International • University of Nottingham

• Alianza Team USA • Checkerspot Inc. • PepsiCo • Perdue Farms


Thursday, March 30th 2023


8:30-9:30 Registration

9:30-9:45 Welcome & Congress Introduction


Session 1 – Sourcing & Producing Sustainable Oils & Fats

Creamy, Dairy-free Indulgence from Fat Producing Yeast
Dimitri Zogg (Cultivated Biosciences, Switzerland)

Microbial Oil, from Fermented Sidestreams, as Replacement for Palm Oil
Jeroen Hugenholtz (NoPalm Ingredients, Netherlands)

Sustainable Saturated Tropical Fats made from CO2
Anders Loren (Green-On AB, Sweden)

Alternative Fat Solutions to Produce Healthier and Nutritious Food
Yann Kervoern (Cubiq Foods, Spain)

Microalgae based Triglyceride Alternatives to Vegetable and Animal Fats for Food and Nutrition Applications
Frédéric Destaillats (Checkerspot, USA)


PANEL OPINION: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Alternative Fats
Tomas Turner (Cultivated Biosciences, Switzerland)
Anders Loren (Green-On AB, Sweden)
Yann Kervoern (Cubiq Foods, Spain)
Jeroen Hugenholtz (NoPalm Ingredients, Netherlands)
Frédéric Destaillats (Checkerspot, USA)
Fabrice Turon (FAT & Associés, France)


13:00-14:30 Lunch


Session 2 – Creating, Maintaining, Controlling Sustainable Supply Chain

Promoting Sustainable Palm using Blockchain based Transparency
Nitin Jain (GreenToken by SAP, Canada)

Daabon’s Sustainable Bio refinery
Felipe Guerrero (Daabon, Colombia)

Better Bean: Delivering both Sustainability and Profitability
Perry Aulie (Perdue Farms, USA)

Shaping a World of Trust
Audrey Jean-Baptiste (Bureau Veritas, France)

Decrypting the Strategy of Palm Oil Industry
Fabrice Turon (FAT & Associés, France)


PANEL OPINION: Can Palm Oil Be Phased Out in EU?
Jean Luc Dubois (Arkema, France)
Agathe Laville, Director Global Commodities Analyst (Barry Callebaut, Switzerland)
Frédéric Destaillats (Checkerspot, USA)
Fabrice Turon (FAT & Associés, France)


17:00-19:00 Networking Reception


Friday, March 31st 2023


Session 3 – Economy & Business Reality

Metathesis of Vegetable Oils, Products and Processes through Economic Analysis
Jean Luc Dubois (Arkema, France)

Replacing Ingredients by Sustainable Alternatives in Cosmetics: What are the main Challenges?
Joana Marto (University of Lisbon, Portugal)

Oilseeds Cultivation in Heavy Metal Contaminated Soils: Remediation as Use Solution
Ana Luisa Fernando (Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal)


9:30-10:00 Networking Coffee Break


Session 4 – Demand & Use in Food & Nonfood Segments

More Sustainable Vegetable Oils?
Stephen Ramsden (University of Nottingham, UK)

Pioneer of the Low-Carbon Oilseeds Market
Andre Cunze, Oilseeds Trader & GHG Savings (InVivo Group, France)

The First Italian Carbon-neutral Olive Oil: Case Study of Boniviri
Corrado Paternò Castello (Boniviri, Italy)


PANEL OPINION: Carbon-neutral Food Systems by 2050?
Ana Luisa Fernando (Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal)
Corrado Paternò Castello (Boniviri, Italy)
Jean Luc Dubois (Arkema, France)
Andre Cunze, Oilseeds Trader & GHG Savings (InVivo Group, France)
Fabrice Turon (FAT & Associés, France)


12:00-12:15 Closing Remarks & Conclusions



Lisbon (Portugal)

Lisbon is a Southern European City, inspired by Atlantic winds, where dust from the Sahara and Mediterranean hover in the atmosphere, with near tropical rains in autumn and winter and drought and searing heat in summer.

Lisbon has a unique set of tones: blue reflected from the sky and river; white from the light. And increasingly green, from the city itself.

Lisbon is a city strongly committed to climate goals, being the first capital in Europe to sign the New CoM for Climate and Energy after achieving 50% reductions in CO2 emissions (2002-14), 23% in energy consumption and 17% in water consumption in the municipality (2007-13).

Lisbon now has one of the world’s largest electric vehicle charging point networks with 540 plugs citywide and one third of the municipal car fleet is electric. 100% of the traffic lights in the city are running with LED technology in a recent efficiency transformation.