Dear Colleagues,

You certainly noted that sustainability is an increasing trend in the oils & fats market worldwide. Of course, we talk a lot about sustainable palm oil in the EU which is largely adopting a certified supply chain. But sustainability is not limited to the palm or soybean sourcing, and this trend is expanding outside of European borders. A strong social, environmental and health and nutrition awareness is rising in consumers’ minds all around the world. Consequently, new sourcing, technologies, supply chain, certification system, labeling and claims are spreading rapidly, hence creating new business models.

Surprisingly, international congresses are granting at best one session about sustainability. We, at FAT & Associés, have decided to organize an international event in order to gather all industrial and institutional actors, and also decision’ markers, around the last disruptive actions surrounding sustainability. The 3rd Sustainable Oils & Fats International Congress (SOFIC2019) will take place on the 4th and 5th of April 2019 in Paris, France.

You are engaged in the sustainability trend, or you would like to understand how far this phenomenon is expanding: join us and share your experience within the community!

F&A Congress team


  • SOFIC2019_BelenAMiano2.png

    Belen AMIANO

    Belen AMIANO is part of Earthworm Foundation (formerly known as The Forest Trust), based in Switzerland. Her work is focused on Starling, a satellite monitoring service developed in partnership with Airbus. Belen has been supporting businesses such as Nestlé and Colgate on their efforts to verify their forest impact, engaging with suppliers across supply chains to assess and address deforestation issues.

  • SOFIC2019_ChristopheBene2.png

    Christophe BENE

    Christophe BENE is Senior Policy Advisor at the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) based in Cali, Colombia. Christophe has 15+ years of experience in interdisciplinary research and advisory work focusing on poverty alleviation, vulnerability, and food security. He is currently leading the policy analysis cluster of the CGIAR flagship program “Food System for Healthier Diet”. He holds a PhD in Environment and Life Sciences and a post-graduate Diploma in Development Economics from the School of Development Studies at the University of East Anglia (UK).

  • SOFIC2019_MarcelloBrito2.png

    Marcello BRITO

    Marcello BRITO is graduated in Food Engineer by UNIFEB, Barretos - Brazil, and holds a MBA in International Trading from FIA/University of São Paulo, Brazil. With more than 30 years of experience in the oils and fats industry, Marcello currently serves as Director of the Brazilian Agribusiness Association, counselor of the Brazilian Palm Oil Association, member of the executive board of the Brazilian Organic and Sustainable Association and as the CEO of Agropalma group.

  • SOFIC2019_StephanBrunner2.png

    Stephan BRUNNER

    Stephan BRUNNER is Global Key Relation Manager at Bayer Crop Science. Stephan builds and manages global partnerships with influential food and feed processing and trading companies, as well as with key associations, certification systems and NGOs. Together with these partners he establishes Food Chain Partnership initiatives in various crops in different regions across the world that deliver on key supply chain aspects such as produce quality, food safety and sustainability.

  • SOFIC2019_ClaraCicatiello2.png


    Clara CICATIELLO holds a PhD in Economics and Local Development at University of Tuscia - Italy. From 2012 to 2017, Clara works as research assistant at department of Economics of University of Tuscia and she moved in May 2017 to department of Innovation in Biological, Agro Food and Forest System as assistant professor. She is author of 10+ papers in topics of alternative food chains (food industry, retail, household), food waste, and marketing of sustainable food products.

  • SOFIC2019_BenoitGabrielle2.png

    Benoit GABRIELLE

    Benoit GABRIELLE is currently research professor in environmental biophysics at the Paris Institute of Life and Environmental Sciences (AgroParisTech). Benoit joined the French National Institute for Agricultural Research after a PhD on the environmental balance of oilseed rape in the context of biodiesel production. His research interests include the biophysical modelling of agro-ecosystems, the environmental assessment of arable and energy crops, and the sustainability analysis of bioenergy chains.

  • SOFIC2019_LaurentGilbert2.png

    Laurent GILBERT

    Laurent GILBERT is in charge of L’Oréal Sustainable Innovation program. After his thesis in organic chemistry, Laurent joined Rhône Poulenc where he worked in various fields, from the synthesis of key intermediates for new actives, to process development, and business development. In 2002, he joined L’Oréal as Director of the International Raw Materials Department. In 2011 he took the responsibility for the development of Advanced Research. Currently, Laurent is leading the team in charge of Environmental Research and Sustainable Development.

  • SOFIC2019_LenaicGrignard2.png

    Lénaïc GRIGNARD

    Lénaïc GRIGNARD is developing the agriculture and forestry offer at Delair, a leading company in professional drones for industry and aerial data. Lénaïc joined Delair in 2016, convinced that drone’s solution will bring considerable value to agriculture. She was previously leading the R&D department at GEOSYS, a world pioneer company in remote sensing for agriculture. Lénaïc is graduated from the agricultural engineering school, Montpellier SupAgro, specializing in ag-tech and innovation.

  • SOFIC2019_DavidJackson2.png

    David JACKSON

    David JACKSON studied Economics at Cambridge University before working in the City of London as an analyst. He subsequently spent five years working on agricultural projects in southern Africa before joining LMC International, where he has worked extensively in many commodity sectors, including oilseeds, sugar and cereals, and their extension into biofuels. He is currently a Director of LMC International, and heads their Oilseeds and Oils and research team.

  • SOFIC2019_ChristopheLen2.png

    Christophe LEN

    Christophe LEN is currently Professor to the Université de Technologie de Compiègne – UTC (France) and he develops his research at Chimie ParisTech (France). Christophe current research explores organic chemistry and catalysis applied to biomass. He has published 170+ original publications. Among recent awards and recognition to his scientific career, Christophe was promoted Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC, 2015) and was honored with the 2017 Glycerine Innovation Award sponsored by the American Cleaning Institute and the National Biodiesel Board.

  • SOFIC2019_PeterLovett2.png

    Peter LOVETT

    Dr Peter LOVETT studied Biochemistry at Oxford University and Shea Genetics at Southampton University. Peter has worked in the African Shea sector for almost 25 years. Noteworthy successes include founding The Savannah Fruits Company & mentoring formation of The Global Shea Alliance. Currently, he continues to provide consultancy to The World Bank Group, Form International and LMC International.

  • SOFIC2019_MarijnMeijers2.png

    Marijn MEIJERS

    Marijn MEIJERS is an assistant professor in Environmental Communication at the Amsterdam School of Communication Research (ASCoR) based at the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Marijn studies the dynamics of pro-environmental behaviors by investigating what factors influence pro-environmental behaviors. Additionally, she studies how to stimulate pro-environmental behaviors by means of communication.

  • SOFIC2019_JulietteModolo2.png

    Juliette MODOLO

    Juliette MODOLO is an Innovation and Insights Manager at Mintel, providing support and collaboration on research briefs and presentations for FMCG clients located in Southern Europe, Middle East and Africa. After studying science, she graduated with a Master’s degree in Marketing and Business from Sorbonne Business School. She has worked on summits about sustainability and implemented a corporate digital strategy focused on sustainability.

  • SOFIC2019_Nilsson2.jpg

    Katarina NILSSON

    Katarina NILSSON is a senior consultant on RISE -Research Institutes of Sweden in the section Sustainable Food Systems. For ten years she has helped the food industry (mainly in Sweden but also in Europe) toward sustainable product solutions and environmental sound productions. One key subject for her is environmental foot-printing of vegetable oils and fat products based a holistic perspective.

  • SOFIC2019_JaapPetraeus2.png


    Jaap PETRAEUS is Manager Corporate Sustainability at FrieslandCampina. Jaap is responsible for the development and implementation of the corporate sustainability policy of one of the largest dairy cooperatives in the world. Together with the large dairy producers, processors and customers he is the initiator of the international standard for sustainable dairy. Jaap is chairman of the Dutch Dairy Energy and Environment Group.

  • SOFIC2019_RomainPirard2.png

    Romain PIRARD

    Romain PIRARD is Senior Research Associate with Global Canopy, based in Oxford, where he leads the development of TRASE in Southeast Asia. TRASE is a global initiative that brings unprecedented transparency to commodity supply chains revealing new pathways towards achieving a deforestation-free economy. Romain holds a PhD in environmental economics and is specialized in forestry issues in Indonesia.

  • SOFIC2019_AlexiaPrades2.png

    Alexia PRADES

    Alexia PRADES is working at CIRAD as a researcher, being the focal point for coconut sector. Alexia holds a PhD in Food Science and Technology from the University of Montpellier, France. Between 2014 and 2016, Alexia has been given the opportunity to coordinate the International Coconut Genetic Resources Network (COGENT) on behalf of Biodiversity International. COGENT is a network of 39 countries coordinating research activities of national, regional and global significance, particularly in germplasm exploration, collecting, conservation and enhancement.

  • SOFIC2019_AndyRichardson2.png


    Andy RICHARDON is head of marketing and corporate affairs at Volac, a leading dairy nutrition business. Having graduated in Agriculture at Seale Hayne in the late 1980s, Andy’s early career was spent in Unilever and BOCM PAULS advising dairy farmers in Oxfordshire and Somerset. Andy passionately believes in the contribution Agriculture, Food and Drink can make to the UK economy, healthy consumers and as custodians of natural capital. He believes in cutting through complexity and in the lasting impact which true and trusting collaboration can achieve.

  • SOFIC2019_RaphaelSmia2.png

    Raphaël SMIA

    Raphaël SMIA is Engineer graduated from Ecole Polytechnique in France and has a Master of Environmental Science in Melbourne. Raphaël co-founded NextAlim in 2013 and he is now the Scientific Director. NextAlim proposes a new valorisation process transforming organic waste and side streams into fertilizers, proteins and fats, through a new domestic animal: the Black Soldier Fly.

  • Turon2.jpg

    Fabrice TURON

    Fabrice TURON has over 18 years’ experience in the oils & fats. He began his career with Danone group in the formulation department. Later at Bertin, Fabrice managed the lipid products portfolio development. As oil trait lead for Syngenta Seeds Company, he investigated various quality oil projects and he assembled a strategic output trait portfolio for oilseeds. Since 2010, Fabrice is leading the Research activities at FAT & Associés, a specialized consultancy for the lipids, oils and fats industry.

  • Wong2.jpg

    Mark WONG

    Mark WONG is the head of downstream sustainability for Sime Darby Plantation Berhad. In previous roles, Mark led the development of the Sime Darby Group’s annual sustainability reports, established targeted stakeholder engagement programs on sustainability issues, helped define sustainability strategy, and managed the Group’s climate change agenda. An Environmental Engineer by profession, Mark was previously an Associate Director with PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Sustainability and Climate Change practice.

Attending Companies

• Molenbergnatie NV • Vandemoortele Lipids NV

• Agropalma Group

• International Center for Tropical Agriculture • Oilsum Group

• AgroParisTech • AVRIL Group • Bayer Crop Science • Cirad • Daudruy • Delair • FAT & Associés • InnovaFeed • L’Oréal • NextAlim • Oniris • Provence Huiles • Tallage SAS – Stratégie Grains • Total Raffinage Chimie • University of Technology of Compiègne

• BASF Personal Care & Nutrition GmbH • Bayer Crop Science • Berg + Schmidt • Daabon Europa GmbH

• Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs • Ministry Finance Indonesia • Oil Palm Fund Management Agency

• Agricola Grains Spa • Barilla G. e R. Fratelli • Eulip Spa • Nuncas Italia • University of Tuscia

• Ferrero

• Sime Darby Berhad

• AAK • European Palm Oil Alliance • FrieslandCampina • University of Amsterdam

• Feed & Seed Technologies d.o.o.

• Apical • Barry Callebaut Asia Pacific

• European Forest Institute • Deoleo

• RISE Food and Bioscience

• Bruins Seed Consultancy • Mondelez International • Nutriswiss AG • P&G Chemicals • The Forest Trust

• Lubus Commodities Ltd

United Kingdom
• Biorenewables Development Centre • LMC International • Mintel • Savannah Nutrition Ltd • Volac

• Natural Plant Products


Thursday, April 4th 2019


8:30-9:30 Registration

9:30-9:40 Welcome & Congress Introduction


Session 1 – Sourcing & Production Sustainable Oils & Fats

How to operate an organic and sustainable oil palm plantation
Marcello Brito (AGROPALMA GROUP, Brazil)

Coconut at a crossroad: is the copra route sustainable?
Alexia Prades (CIRAD, France)

Whole refined Shea: A palm alternative

Trase Platform: harnessing data for sustainable sourcing and investments

Hiking around Glycerol and a C3 bio-based platform intermediates for value added products


12:00-13:30 Lunch


Session 2 – Creating, Maintaining, Controlling Sustainable Supply Chain

Sustainability in the air
Lénaïc Grignard (DELAIR, France)

Accuracy for action: addressing deforestation in the palm oil supply chain
Belen Amiano (THE FOREST TRUST, Switzerland)

Delivering on deforestation, peat, and exploitation free supply chains
Mark Wong (SIME DARBY BERHAD, Malaysia)

Deriving practical indicators to aid the cultivation of oil palm and improve its environmental performance
Benoit Gabrielle (AgroParisTech, France)


15:00-16:00 Networking Coffee Break



Session 3 – Economy & Business Reality

Next high price era for vegetable oils: the slowdown in palm oil supplies
David Jackson (LMC International, UK)

Agriculture, climate change and sustainability
Stephan Brunner (BAYER CROP SCIENCE, Germany)

The impact of EU biofuel policy reform on vegetable oils market
Fabrice Turon (FAT & Associés, France)


20:00-22:30 Gala Dinner


Friday, April 5th 2019


Session 4 – Demand and Uses in Food and Non-Food Segments

Exploring the sustainability of our food systems

Accelerating sustainability in fats and oils: the power of collaboration and system thinking
Andy Richardson (VOLAC, UK)

Insect farms gear up to feed soaring global oil and meal demand
Raphaël Smia (NextAlim, France)

Working on sustainability with our 20,000 dairy farmers
Jaap Petraeus (FRIESLAND CAMPINA, The Netherlands)

Sustainable sourcing of oils and derivatives at L’Oréal
Laurent Gilbert (L’OREAL, France)


10:30-11:00 Networking Coffee Break


PANEL OPINION:  What implication of the out-of-palm trend in the EU?
Andy Richardson (VOLAC, UK)
Margot Logman (European Palm Oil Alliance, The Netherlands)
Juliette Modolo (MINTEL, UK)
Dono Boestami (Oil Palm Fund Management Agency, Indonesia)
Fabrice Turon (FAT & Associés, France)


12:00-13:30 Lunch


Session 5 – Consumers’ Perception, Raising Awareness Among the Value Chain

The global picture of sustainability in B2C
Juliette Modolo (MINTEL, UK)

Insects as food: barriers and potential for consumption
Clara Cicatiello (UNIVERSITY OF TUSCIA, Italy)

Stimulating Sustainable Behavior
Marijn Meijers (UNIVERSITY OF AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands)

PANEL OPINION: Are Sustainable labels working?
Jaap Petraeus (FRIESLAND CAMPINA, The Netherlands)
Raphaël Smia (NextAlim, France)
Marcello Brito (AGROPALMA GROUP, Brazil)
Katarina Nilsson (RISE, Sweden)
Fabrice Turon (FAT & Associés, France)


16:00-16:15 Closing Remarks & Conclusions



The National Horticulture Society of France
84 Rue de Grenelle
Paris 7e, France

Founded in 1827, the National Horticulture Society of France (SNHF) is a well-known association which brings together the gardeners around common values such as the environment protection. Its headquarter, located in one of the most famous and luxury district of Paris downtown (The Eiffel Tower, the Hotel Matignon, the Orsay Museum …) is welcoming the 3rd Sustainable Oils & Fats International conference.