The coronavirus pandemic is forcing us to rethink our world and reinvent our business code of conduct. We are confident that this tragic situation is also a great opportunity to find alternative ways of interrelating, talking things over, and sharing knowledge and experience. FAT & Associés have therefore decided to hold virtual seminar, namely Experience, to help your business development. Our Experience will focus on moment hot topic and conclude about investments’ opportunity. Choose yours from the following:

Powering Sunflower Profitability
Global sunflower acreage expanded at 2.5% annually during the past ten years. This is quite notable as sunflower demand was not driven by its meal (like soybean) or any fuel demand (like rapeseed). Our first Experience is analyzing those conditions and drivers that could increase the sunflower profitability and production in the coming years: Where is the incoming demand? Which oil quality? What end-usages? How to reinforce sunflower strengths?
High Oleic Virtual Congress
The 7th High Oleic Congress will take place in Toulouse, France on October 22-23. For participants who cannot attend in-person, we have decided to hold an online broadcast to enjoy live lectures and ask live questions to all speakers. Participants would have the opportunity to connect with all attendees and network peer-to-peer.
Rethinking Oilseeds Agriculture
Oilseeds agriculture outcome cannot be limited anymore to increasing oil yield without protecting environment, sustainability and Human’ health. The perceived weight of these forces is such that many people have serious concerns about how supply will be able to cope. In this Experience, we “walk in a Farmer’ boots” and identify the implications of changing oilseeds agriculture.